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Matcha Green Tea Benefits


Matcha is an antioxidant powerhouse.  Because we consume the whole leaf Matcha is the equivalent of 10 cups of regular green tea.

These nutrients and enzymes are instrumental to enabling our body to run at peak capacity.  By consuming Matcha green tea we can reverse the negative effects of continued exposure to UV rays and restore our skin's health and youthfulness.  Antioxidants also help the immune system to counteract the presence of free radical cells that attach themselves to healthy hosts and causing illness.


In a fast paced world where we are constantly under siege, finding simple methods for boosting our level of calm can be difficult.  Chinese and Japanese doctors have been prescribing Matcha green tea to their anxiety stricken patients for a millennium as it promotes the creation of additional alpha waves within the brain.  These waves are responsible for providing us with a relaxed feeling and do not cause the same level of drowsiness that other medications typically provide.


These two chemicals are very important to the function of the brain and one of the main Matcha tea benefits is its ability to promote the production of both.  When our brain is producing the correct amount of serotonin and dopamine our mood is enhanced, our memories are improved and our ability to concentrate also receives a much needed boost.  When we decrease our anxiety and increase our level of happiness, enhanced concentration and memory result.


Many of us rely on coffee for an early morning pick me up only to experience a major crash as the day drags on.  By embracing Matcha tea benefits you are enjoying the same energy boost that Japanese warriors once relied upon before heading into battle during the medieval period.  Matcha green tea provides an energy boost that can last for up to six hours without all of the harmful stimulants that are included in our morning coffee and energy drinks.


Matcha green tea has been proven to speed up our metabolism and some studies show that this could allow us to shed weight at a far greater rate than ever before.  While there are currently other dietary aids available on the open market Matcha green tea is guaranteed to provide all of the benefits without any of the typical drawbacks which may include heightened blood pressure and an increase in heart rate.


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